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Twilight Tuesdays League – league plus greens fee



Tuesday Evenings, 5:30 PM Check-in
Starting May 15 2018




Must be 21 or older to play.


Each team must consist of 2 players.


  • Each individual player will be responsible for paying the full $50 administration fee.
  • $250 includes administration fee and the 12 Tuesday evening rounds of golf.
  • Season memberships may be used for the round.
  • There is no weekly green fee. 15-round punch cards may not be used.
  • Handicaps
  • All league fees include a CDGA Handicap. Valid CDGA Handicaps from other courses will be accepted.


  • Play start each week on Tuesday night at 5:30 PM.
  • All matches will be 12 holes.
  • Play will start on Hole 3 through 12 and end on Hole 1 and 2,
  • All teams will compete weekly in a round robin league format.
  • USGA rules shall govern play, unless noted for particular game.
  • Note: A Local Rules Sheet will be provided. The last week of play with be a Championship Round.


In all matches, scoring will be consistent with Individual Stroke play. Each week we will have a different game. Listed below are the game for the dates of play

  • 5/15 Mystery Holes: There are 3 “mystery holes” that will be an automatic Par
  • 5/22 Uglies – Throw out any 2 scores that are double bogey or worse
  • 5/29 No Leagu
  • 6/5 Better ball 2 some. Everyone plays own ball, but the score that counts will be the better score of the twosome.
  • 6/12 3 Club Monte – Each player is only allowed 3 clubs (plus your putter) on the course
  • 6/19 Greensomes- Matchplay game for teams of two where both partners drive and they choose the best drive and then play alternate shots for the rest of hole
  • 6/26 BEST GOLFER’S POKER HAND: Using gross hole scores, take your 5 lowest scores to create your best low scores poker hand. Pick one hand from the following list of poker hands: ace high straight (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), 5 of a kind, 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind & a pair, straight
    (run of five), 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, and 1 pair. The poker hands are listed in order of their rankings
  • 7/3 No Leagu
  • 7/10 Gotchas!- Each person has one opportunity to shout ‘Gotcha’ during an opponent’s swing during a round. Sometimes the anticipation is enough to put someone off
  • 7/17 Dunce- Whoever has the worst score on each hole has to wear a designated hat for the following hole. The sillier the headgear the better
  • 7/24 PICK-UP STICKS- When a golfer or team wins a hole, they “remove” a club from the opponent or opponents’ bags. That means the other team can’t use that club for the rest of the round. This continues until the match is decided. Obviously, the putter should be first to go.
  • 7/31 Ts and Fs- Scores count from holes beginning with the letters “T” and “F” (3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15)
  • 8/7 Beat the Boss- Beat Dans score of 80.
  • 8/14 Championship Round. All players will play their own ball throughout the hole, and the team score will be determined by the lowest score of the two team members.

Regular Season

  • 11 weeks of regular play and 2 bye weeks May 29th and July 3rd.
  • Each team plays every other team once.


  • League champion will be determined by a single playoff round.


  • Top team from each week will be awarded a prize. Championship team will win a Free Membership for the 2019 season.


  • The Golf Staff will not be responsible for finding substitutes.
  • All substitutes will not be required to pay the weekly greens fee.

For more info, contact the Pro Shop, 847-475-9173.

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