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This page provides access to past meetings’ agendas.

The Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6:30pm-8:00pm, except December. Meetings are held in the American Legion Hall, 2nd floor, 1030 Central St, Evanston.

The Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association

2018 Board of Directors


President:                  Chris Carey

Vice President:         Larry Mages

Treasurer:                  Kevin Kane

Secretary:                  Debbie Weixl

            (The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers plus the chair of the Grounds Committee, Steve Neumann.)

Board Members (19)

Representing Evanston

Carl Bova

Chris Carey

David Fenn

Tom Mann

Steve Neumann

Mike O’Connor

Tim Pretzsch

Ray Tobin

Perry Weinberg

Debbie Weixl


Representing Wilmette


Kevin Kane

Karl Leinberger

Larry Mages

Don Olson

John Powers

Joe Rickard

Todd Ricketts

Rudy Van Loon

Dan Wikel


Associates (6)

Frank Candioto

Brad Drake

Sherry McAuliffe

David McPherson

Sonja Nordahl





Rick Bald

Greg Braun

Tom Bush

Mike Buenzow

Tim Dable

Jim Farley

Julie Fleetwood

Chris Hasbrook

Mike Novosel

Matt Rooney

Scott Thompson

Keith Veneziano




Dobie Burton

Bill Debs

Dick Fischl

Paul Giddings

Pat Hughes

David Iskowich

Chuck Logan

John LoSasso

Mike Matchen

Mark McCarthy

Jerry Murphy

Jack Page

Jack Richards

Nancy Ross

Greg Wilson




William Andersen

Jay Ryan

Jeff Stewart



Course Superintendent – Tony Frandria

Business Manager – Dan Bulf


City of Evanston Representatives to the Board:

Lawrence Hemingway, Director, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Dept.

Karen Hawk, Asst. Director Community Services, Parks, Recreation & Community Services Dept.

Village of Wilmette Representative to the Board:

Stephen Wilson, Executive Director, Wilmette Park District

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